Major Incident Response Review

The success of any response to a major incident is based firmly in how prepared the organisation is. The benefits are clear; a successful response can save life, protect assets and allow the organisation to minimise disruption.

We are providing organisations with a review of their major incident response plans and offering support in making them more robust, practical and effective.

This includes:

  • Assessment of current security posture in relation to threat
  • Assessment of existing major incident plans
  • Advice on increased security postures and additional procedures
  • Advice on the creation of major incident plans
  • Advice on the dissemination of major incident plans
  • Advice on the testing of major incident plans
  • Advice on high level responses to high level major incidents
  • Advice on working with security contractors to establish effective major incident responses

The service is completely confidential.

If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch using the contact page on this site.