Level 4 Certificate in Applied Security Management


*News* This  course has been selected as a finalist for the Training Initiative of the Year category of the Security Excellence Awards 2015.


The pace of change has never been faster and the security needs of clients are becoming a real driver of professionalism in the security sector. Traditionally, security managers needed only to be sector specialists who had little to do with the rest of an organisation. This led to ‘silo mindsets’ and a security (dis)function that was not aligned to the needs of the business.


PrintToday, modern security managers need a wide range of skills and knowledge. While there are many courses on the market, we saw an opportunity to design something unique – the result is our IQ Level 4 Certificate in Applied Security Management. By expanding on contemporary security thinking, learners develop new skills and knowledge that will change the way they perceive both their role and the security function in general.


The course is intended to provide practical, high-level, real-world skills to prepare anyone with security responsibility for a significantly more challenging role and a more competitive job market. More and more experienced security managers are committing to higher levels of study, raising the bar and increasing competition. We are already seeing job adverts that state a degree level qualification in security management is a ‘must have’ for the roles. This is only going to become more widespread.astute 4


Not everyone has the opportunity to jump straight into that level of study, however, which is why this course is designed as an introduction to develop the study skills necessary to succeed on these higher education courses. Even security managers who hold security degrees will benefit from this course, which deals with more than the usual criminology topics and instead introduces more practical skills and knowledge related to the realities of the job today. The course is perfect for those with busy schedules as it is studied via distance learning and supported with Acumen – the e-learning platform from Astute. We also provide high levels of tutor support.


The Level 4 Certificate in Applied Security Management is designed to take between 6 and 12 months by distance learning to complete and will cover the following topics:

Managing Operational Contracts
Client Relationship Management (including security contract finance)
Employment Law for Security Managers
Building Better Teams
Security Principles and Theories
Security Document Writing
Risk Assessment and Management


The combined study of these subjects at this level will provide candidates with practical skills underpinned with in-depth knowledge that will support continued professional development and career progression. At Level 4, it is also a perfect starting point for anyone seeking to access a degree course in security and will prepare delegates for future academic success.


The course will benefit existing security managers who may wish to refresh their skills and knowledge as well as security personnel who are looking for career advancement or FM’s who hold a security responsibility.

If you are interested in learning more about this course and how we can support your career development, please use the contact form on this site to get in touch.