Violence Management Consultancy

Sadly, workplace violence is a growing risk. As a recent example, in November 2014 McColl’s Newsagent was fined nearly a quarter of a million pounds at Liverpool Crown Court for failing to protect their staff from violent incidents. It is safe to say that McColl’s were lucky – the costs can be much higher. Organisations have a duty to protect their staff and customers, however the challenge is that violence is a specialist risk area that there are no formal qualifications for managing. Reliable, practical advice is hard to find, which is where we can help.

We can provide a full organisational assessement for violence risk, including specific violence related risk assessments (normal risk assessments are not sufficient due to the dynamic nature of such incidents), training assessments and policy reviews. We provide 360 degree risk preparation so that, should the worst happen, the organisation is legally protected.

With our help, clients are protecting their staff, their customers and their reputations.

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